Handbook on ICT in Developing Countries

Cloth: 978 87 93379 91 6 / $75.00
Published: July 2017  

Publisher: River Publishers
200 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/4"
Series: River Publishers Series in Communications
The mobile communications market in developing countries is growing at a rapid rate. This is evident in the rapid spread of mobile broadband cellular networks such as 3G. 4G is also being deployed in developing countries around the world. As the global communications market proceeds towards 5G, it is evident that developing countries will not be left behind. However, there are challenges and barriers on the road ahead specific to developing countries. To aid policy makers, researchers and members of academia make informed decisions that will help the advancement of 5G, this handbook provides an insight into the impact of existing mobile cellular networks in some developing countries.

Topics discussed in this handbook include:
• Digital divide
• Policy outlook
• 5G and rural areas
• 5G readiness
• Telco Business models
• Telecom tower pricing
• Mobile application adoption

Table of Contents:
Digital divide;
Policy outlook;
5G and rural areas;
5G readiness;
Telco Business models;
Telecom tower pricing;
Mobile application adoption