Circuits and Systems for the Internet of Things

Edited by João Goes
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Published: August 2017  

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Published: July 2017  

Publisher: River Publishers
200 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
Series: Tutorials in Circuits and Systems
The Internet-of-Things (IoT) can be envisaged as a dynamic network of interconnected physical and virtual entities (“things”) with their own identities and attributes seamlessly integrated to actively participate in economic or societal processes, interact with services, and react autonomously to events while sensing the environment. By enabling things to connect and become recognizable while providing them with intelligence, informed- and context-based decisions are expected in a broad range of domains, spanning from health and elderly care to energy efficiency, either providing competitive business advantages to companies or addressing key social concerns. The level of connectivity and analytical intelligence provided by the IoT paradigm is expected to create new services that would not be feasible by other means.

This CAS4IoT book targets post-graduate students and design engineers in the field of IoT with the skills to understand and design a broader range of analog, digital, and mixed-signal circuits and systems spanning from data converters for sensor interfaces to radios. Written by a judicious selection of worldwide distinguished authors, the contents present a good balance between academia and industry.

Table of Contents:
1. Ultra-low voltage and micro-power analog circuits for IoT
2. SAR ADCs for IoT: Basics and Innovations
3. Sigma-Delta Modulators for IoT
4. Industrial IoT
5. Connecting the IoT Node to the Cloud Smart Adaptive Monitoring
6. Power-and-Energy Management for IoT
7. Microprocessors/MCUs for IoT
8. BLE Radio Architectures and Design for the IoT Market
9. Nano-sensors, from fundamentals to IoT deployments
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