Advanced Polymeric Materials
Synthesis and Applications

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Published: July 2018  

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Published: August 2018  

Publisher: River Publishers
240 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
Series: River Publishers Series in Polymer Science
Recent advances in polymer research have led to the generation of high quality materials for various applications in day to day life. The synthesis of new functional monomers has shown strong potential in generating novel polymer materials with improved properties.

Advanced Polymeric Materials includes fundamentals and numerous examples of polymer blend preparation and characterizations. Developments in blends, polymer nanocomposites and its various characterization techniques are highlighted in the book.

Table of Contents:
Participants of the Reviewing Process
1. Bisbenzoxazine – Bismaleimide Blends: Thermal Studies
2. Studies On Thermosetting Resin Blends: Bispropargyl Ether-Bismaleimide
3. Synthesis, characterization, magnetic, thermal and electrochemical studies of Oxovanadium(IV) complex of 2-Thiophenecarba benzhydrazone
4. Application of polymeric sorbents to oil-spill control: sorption and desorption characteristics
5. Polyhexahydrotriazines: Synthesis And Thermal Studies
6. Influence Of Cement Behaviour With & Without Polymer Nano Composites
7. Effect of Structure of Diphenol on Polymerization of Bis(isoimide)
8. Natural fibre based bio-materials: A review on processing characterisatiion and application
9. Tribological performance of polymer composite materials: A review
10. Theoretical and Computational Strategies for the Fabricaion of Enantioselective Recognition Sites on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
11. Ultrafast characterisation 2D semiconducting TMDC for nano-electronics application

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